Since centuries wool is used for textile products. Sheep wool is a nature renewable product. Wool is biodegradable. Wool is  a long lasting fibre. Wool can take moisture from air and

has a temperature-regulating effect. Wool is a self-cleaning fibre and wool is hardly inflammable. The properties of sheep wool fulfill the highest quality standards.


flock of sheeps

Wool before pressing

Finished wool bales


Transport by truck

  • Scd. wool

    (from France “plein air”, Spain, New Zealand, Australia)

  • Woolballs for pillows und filling for teddies

  • Washable treated wools

  • Carbonized wools

    (from France, Australia, Cape)

  • Open Tops

    (from Spain, Australian, South America)

  • Wool Tops

  • Noils

  • Wool waste / wool laps / wool threads